Need a Sports Physical? See Your Pediatrician

An active child is a healthy child—and a happy one too. If your have children who are involved in sports, you’ve no doubt seen the physical, mental and emotional benefits: lots of energy, strength, a good sense of teamwork, increased determination and problem solving skills. Sports can have a positive impact in almost every area of your child’s life.

Of course, in spite of all of the benefits of such an active lifestyle, care still must be taken to reduce the risk of injury. That’s why many schools and sporting organizations are now asking for children to undergo physicals before joining a team, especially at higher competition levels. Many parents are also opting to have their child undergo sports physicals to determine fitness to participate. This is especially important if your child is involved in various sports year-round. A sports physical can flag any issues that might require rest or restraint for a while.

Fortunately, there is no need to go to specialized sports clinics for children’s sports physicals. Often the best choice is your child’s pediatrician.

An Existing Comfort Level

Undergoing a complete, physical examination can be intimidating, especially for shy children. For this reason, going with your child’s pediatrician is often the best option. Your child knows the pediatrician well and has a certain comfort level with them that can take years to build. They will likely also be more comfortable asking questions or voicing concerns to someone they know. This is incredibly important, because if your child is too uncomfortable to admit they’re experiencing pain or discomfort as they play, they run the risk of exacerbating the issue.

Your Child’s Health is their First Concern

You want your child to be able to participate in sports, but there may come a time when they need to rest for a few weeks to avoid injury. Or there might be situations when extra precautions are needed to reduce strain and prevent a possible injury.

This is why it’s a good idea to take your child in for a sports physical before beginning a new season, even if the team or school doesn’t deem it mandatory. Your pediatrician will have your child’s health in mind first and foremost, and will help them to continue doing what they love in a safe and responsible manner.

They Know Your Child’s History

Though a sports clinic or team doctor will do a great job in administering a sports physical, they don’t know your child’s medical history the way their pediatrician does. Your child’s pediatrician will not only know their history of sports-related injury, but their history of illness and injury in general, their growth curve, diet and health patterns, and will be able to identify any potential concerns, red flags or considerations.

Is your child about to start a new season in their favorite sport? Book their sports physical at White Oak Pediatrics today. Our providers will make sure they’re in great shape and ready to hit the field, court, pitch or ice.