White Oak Pediatrics

The Silver Spring Remodel has Begun

Allergy season, rainy season, summer holidays, back to school, flu season, travel, thanksgiving, winter, Christmas: that is a lot of seasons, and through them all, White Oak Pediatrics has been serving families and seeing them through their various ups and downs. Over the years, we have expanded our services, and our clinics have grown with your children. We now have two locations, and it is important to us—and to you—that we provide the very best service. Things do change, and we continue to be state of the art as we continue to grow. The Silver Spring remodel has begun, and that means we will soon be able to do even more.

We provide a large number of services in one area, and we understand that having these doesn’t always make the visit faster.

In fact, if everything is not handled properly, it can be very frustrating. We understand that long wait times and repetitions can be very frustrating to you, especially when your child is ill and bringing him or her out to the clinic to see a doctor exposes you all to more germs. We want to reduce that time, so we have been looking at ways to find the balance between offering a lot of services, providing the best care, and reducing the amount of time that you have to wait.

Our remodel includes more examining rooms so that we can see your child faster. Additionally, we are also shortening the amount of time that you and your child will spend in the waiting room by streamlining our services to move you through the procedures faster. The check in process will be much smoother, and in some cases, you may be able to skip it all together. We can gather information before you come in so that when you arrive you may be able to go straight to the doctor that you need to see. Additionally, as we increase the number of trained staff members that we have, we will have more people who can serve you, so the visit will go that much faster.

The Silver Spring remodel will give us more examining rooms and more places for staff to work.

Instead of waiting in long lines just to get a time to see a doctor, you will be able to see someone very quickly after you arrive at the clinic. Our Silver Spring office also provides a number of services in one place so that you can take care of all your health needs in one place. We provide information about allergies and vitamins, as well as give allergy shots or travel vaccinations. Our Silver Spring office is also a travel clinic, providing vaccinations and medical advice for your travel abroad.

It is important that a clinic be able to handle the needs of the community. Healthy children are happy children who belong to a healthy and happy community. We are pleased that, with our Silver Spring remodel, we will be able to offer more options for a healthy and happy society.

White Oak Pediatrics has been in the area to serve you and your family for 30 years. Let us know how we can help you.