Travel Vaccine Center

White Oak Pediatrics is a designated site by the State of Maryland for the administration of Yellow Fever as well as all other travel vaccinations.

Please call and make arrangements in advance to schedule your appointment (301) 681-7101 or contact us on line.

Please note: Some travel vaccines require multiple doses to be administered over a period of several weeks. Plan accordingly when you make your travel arrangements.

Please be advised that payment of travel vaccines is expected at the time services are rendered.  We accept cash or credit card.  We cannot submit these claims to your insurance company.  However we provide all the necessary paper work for you to submit to your insurance company or your employer.

Typhoid Vaccine $150.00 per dose
Yellow Fever Vaccine $220.00 per dose
Meningitis $145.00 per dose
Hepatitis A (Adult 19+) $85.00 per dose (2 doses needed)
Hepatitis A (Child 18-) $65.00 per dose (2 doses needed)
Hepatitis B (Adult 19+) $90.00 per dose (3 doses needed)
Hepatitis B (Child 18-) $45.00 per dose (3 doses needed)
Rabies Vaccine $230.00 per dose (3 doses needed)
Japanese Encephalitis Virus Vaccine $250.00 per dose (3 doses needed)
Measles/Mumps/Rubella $90.00 per dose
HPV (GARDASIL) $200.00 per dose (3 doses needed)
Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis $60.00 per dose
Poliomyelitis $40.00 per dose
Influenza (Flu) $40.00 per dose
Varicella $145.00 per dose

An international certificate of vaccination will be issued for you in the office after the vaccines have been administered.

We also provide Anti-Malaria prescriptions if necessary.

For more information on Vaccines visit